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Joseph Spencer, at the end of his life, sent letters to various public organizations in which he publicly repented of all the evil that he did while working for this secret organization. It was at the end of the 90s and everyone laughed at his statements, but let's look at what he said taking into account all that has happened in the world.

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Joseph Spencer served the U.S. government from May 1970 to October 1997, in a top-secret operation, and became a man in black. He was recruited for an assignment with top security operations, never knew what it was about because it was a top secret project. Joseph Spencer had the profile to take on the job at a top secret level, his life covered perfectly the standards "they" needed to take on.

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Ex-Man In Black; Joseph Spencer Reveal His Secrets. By. Edward Morgan. -. May 17, 2020. 22. "The world will witness a massive invasion of aliens, thousands of holographic alien warships will cover the sky, immerse people in global panic and real military aircraft between the holograms will deliver a real blow.". - As a result, a single.

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Its like a MIB version of Blair Witch Project. Interesting letter that was written by Joseph Spencer's, a guy that claimed to be a Man in Black. This is his good friend reading out the letter. He actually wasn't far off with the virus outbreak.

Joseph Spencer "Man in Black"

Was der MiB Joseph Spencer zu den Plänen der Eliten wusste.Übersetzt und gesprochen von: Astrid Gerda SchmidWebsite: https://www.chiemseefee.deTelegram: http.

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UFO's, Aliens, Men in Black, Government conspiracies and agendas. Like many people, Tom Keating thought that those things were the product of delusional mind.

The real Man in Black Joseph Spencer YouTube

The second reason was because many people's views on the MIB were kind of based on the Hollywood Men in Black movies starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The films are good fun, and entertaining. But, they only portray the MIB as agents of a secret arm of the government. The reality, however, is that most MIB are described as being far.

Man in black; Joseph Spencer

Joseph Spencer, the speaker in this now several years old but actually now very accurately predictive video says he served the US government between 1970 to 1997 as a top secret operative working on b. 👽🌎 Former 'Men In Black' Operative Exposed The Alien Agenda, As Well As 'Predicted' The COVID Outbreak Several Years Ago

Joseph Spencer 'Man in Black' Talks Project Blue Beam, Massive UFO

This video was recorded in 1989 - he died in 1990. Joseph Spencer, the speaker in this now several years old but actually now very accurately predictive video says he served the US government between 1970 to 1997 as a top secret operative working on black budget projects, including working on recovered spacecraft technology and so on.

The near future under the testimony of Joseph Spencer, from "Men in

You might have seen a recent video clip making the rounds online showing the reading of the deathbed confession of an alleged Man in Black (MIB) named Joseph Spencer. The confession divulges on the apparent reality of things like alien abductions, MK Ultra, underground bases, Project Blue Beam and the true nature of the MIB themselves. In today's episode of TPN, we will take a look at the.

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The Rundown Live #694 - Men in Black, Whistleblower Joseph Spencer, William Cooper, Indictment of MJ-12 April 8, 2021 • 113 mins We go down the Rabbit Hole discussing the Men in Black after a Whistle Blower recently came forward, Joseph Spencer, William Cooper Indictment confirms Spencer's claims.

Autodenunțul lui Joseph Spencer. Planul de depopulare al Pământului

by Edward Morgan, May 17th, 2020. - As a result, a single world government will be created and none of the people will be against it. It will lead the surviving people in this new world of total control. In his message there are many interesting things. This old video shows all the essentials that Joseph Spencer told the world.

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Dec. 4, 2020. On this Episode of Joe Fiorello's ABSURD REALITY Joe sits down with David Craig, CO-Owner of SHARP FOCUS CREATIVE ACADEMY. The guys talk about Dave's experience filming a paranormal investigation at Pennhurst Asylum and Dave's near death experience. 01:41:46.

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This man's name is Joseph Spencer, he recorded this interview in 1989. He was dying, and he actually died the following year in 1990. It's the only time he's ever talked about this on camera. It's about 14 minutes long, I'll just show you a few clips. But he's ex CIA and more importantly, he claims to be ex Men in Black.

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Aquagirl7 17 weeks ago. If Trump can be back in charge his agenda MUST include shutting all these black ops DOWN for good, and killing these hybrids and aliens. We deserve med beds for free, clean skies/air, and a life of no taxes. OUR MONEY funds the black money operations where they make all these tunnels.