Caminhao Volvo Fh 460 2020 00km à venda Caminhões e Carretas

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Powertrain specifications for Volvo FH Engines I-Shift I-Shift Dual Clutch Rear axles Rear axle ratios Powertrain combinations Power take-offs Engines * LNG Fuel prerequisites Sulphur free fuel (EN590, max 10 ppm sulphur) Bio-diesel generation 2 (EN15940, syntetic diesel) Oil change interval Up to 150,000 km or once a year with VDS4.

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Gearbox: I-Shift AT2612F, 12-speed automated manual. Engine: Volvo D13TC Euro 6d, 12.8-litre, six-cylinder. Max power: 460 bhp @ 1250-1600 rpm. Max torque: 2600 Nm @ 900-1300 rpm. Cab: Globetrotter high roof. We take a year-old Volvo FH460 Turbo Compound for a lengthy run, loaded at 44 tonnes for half of the way, to see if it delivers the goods….

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This example was the 460 bhp version with Volvo's Turbo Compound (TC) technology. While we've driven a few TC models on 90-minute test drives from Volvo's HQ in Warwick, this was a chance to really put the truck through its paces for a decent drive.. The FH cab is now a decade old and on its second version, but it is still a lovely.

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Choose between 420, 460 or 500 hp power ratings with up to 2500 Nm of torque. The Volvo FH gas-powered is a perfect match for long haul transports with up to 60 tonnes GCW. Gas-powered renewable energy Our gas-powered heavy-duty trucks can be fueled with renewable Bio-LNG (biogas) or LNG (natural gas).

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424K views Stavros969 1.1M views 856K views 3 years ago carwow 2.1M views 1 year ago This is a full test drive of the all new Volvo FH 2023 truck.For more details.

Caminhao Volvo Fh 460 2020 00km à venda Caminhões e Carretas

The Volvo FH is a heavy truck range manufactured by the Swedish company Volvo Trucks. It was originally introduced in late 1993 as the FH12 and FH16. FH stands for F orward control H igh entry, where numbers denominate engine capacity in litres.

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Powertrain. Find specifications about engines, I-Shift (including software packages), rear axles (including ratios), powertrain combinations and power take-offs. Powertrain. Cab. Find specifications about cab measurements, cab heights above the ground and cab features. Data sheets. Download the Volvo FH data sheets.

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Tested truck in 2018: Volvo FH 460. Euro 6. Average speed: o 2022: 79.9 km/h o 2018: 79.8 km/h Fuel consumption including AdBlue*: o 2022: 21.48 L/100km. Ad-Blue consumption in % of diesel: 6.2% o 2018: 26.15 L/100km Facts about Volvo's I-Save: I-Save first launched in 2019.

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2022 Volvo FH 460 i-Save Tractor Truck seen from outside and inside. Process colour C 2701.The truck was shown at Truck Expo 2022, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 16-18 J.

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The Volvo FH is an icon - an ever-changing constant that just keeps getting better and better with every generation. And more than ever, it's the ultimate long haul experience.

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The power is provided by D13K engines rated at 420, 460, 500 and 540 hp. These Volvo 13-liter engines are Euro 6 compliant. The customers can keep an eye out for these four cab types: Low Sleeper, Sleeper, Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL. Volvo also offers gas-powered FH LNG version (liquified natural gas).

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Volvo FH 460 I-Save Globetrotter Tractor Truck (2021) Exterior and Interior hirudov 473K subscribers 20K views 1 year ago 2021 Volvo FH 460 I-Save Globetrotter Tractor Truck seen from outside.

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2019 Volvo FH 460 LNG Tractor Truck seen from outside and inside. The vehicle has 460 hp engine with max torque 2300 Nm. Transmission is automatic I-Shift. Class Euro 6 step C. Operating range.

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For life lived out on the road, the Volvo FH is a truck that shines in safety and comfort over the longest stretches. It optimises uptime and fuel efficiency, and offers an outstanding driver environment. Diesel Diesel The Volvo FH at a glance Typical applications: Long haul, regional haul transport, building and construction transport

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VOLVO FH. The ultimate long haul . experience. I-SEE. Knows every hill to save fuel. ROAD SIGN RECOGNITION. Stay within limits.. D13K460 (345 kW) 460 hp at 1400-1800 r/min 2300 Nm at 900-1400 r/min D13K460TC (345 kW) I-Save 460 hp at 1250-1600 r/min 2600 Nm at 900-1300 r/min D13K500 (368 kW) 500 hp at 1530-1800 r/min 2500 Nm at 980.

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The new Volvo FH with I-Save will be available to order in European markets starting from September 2020. Volvo's 13-litre engine with turbo compound technology (Volvo D13TC) with 460 hp (2,600 Nm) or 500 hp (2,800 Nm) Map-based I-See - uses information about the planned route to utilise the truck's kinetic energy.