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The hip abduction machine exercise is designed to strengthen the abductors. The movement of the leg away from the mid-body, backward, forward, or to one side is known as hip abduction. This is the motion when you take a side step or step out of a car.

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Muscles Worked in the Hip Abduction Machine. Gluteus Maximus. Adductor Magnus. Gluteus Medius. Gluteus Minimus. Obturator externus. Piriformis. It is effective for the development of the hip muscles, inner and outer thigh muscles. The Abduktor Machine is popular with women as it allows to actively influence the shape of the hip.

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The hip abduction machine is a staple in most gym strength areas targeting the thighs and hips. This versatile piece of equipment allows you to isolate the outer thighs and glute muscles with controlled resistance. Unlike free weight moves like banded side leg lifts, the hip abduction machine helps stabilize the body for safe and proper execution.

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What does the hip abduction machine do? This lower-body machine does exactly what the name suggests: it targets the hip abduction muscles, which are in charge of the lateral movement of the legs away from the midline of the body, strengthening them and improving mobility around your thigh area.

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The hip abduction machine trains the muscles that abducts (moves apart) your thighs, like your gluteus medius and parts of gluteus maximus. >> Return to exercise directory. StrengthLog app. Instructions for the hip abduction machine exercise. See how the exercise is performed, the proper technique, and which muscles are worked.

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0:00 / 0:15 How To Use The Seated Hip Abductor (Outer Thigh) PureGym 56.4K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed Share 68K views 1 year ago Your hip abductors are the muscles on your outer thigh and.

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Hip abduction is the action that moves your thighs straight out to the side, like during the first half of a jumping jack. This movement is primarily performed by the gluteus medius muscle—one of three muscles commonly called the glutes.

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What is a hip abduction machine for? The hip abduction machine has two pads which sit on the outside of your knees. When you push your knees out against resistance, it works your hip abductors, as well as tightening your outer butt and lower back. Hip abduction exercises can benefit your hip and knee strength.

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The hip abduction machine exercise is an exercise used to strengthen the abductors. The abductors play a critical role in core stability and having strong abductors can result in better personal records on the squat and deadlift.

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Stand with your back straight and your feet facing forward. Maintain good posture. Move your right leg out to your right side until you feel strain along the outer side of your hip and leg. Bring.

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The hip abduction machine and the adduction machine are two popular pieces of equipment found in most gyms. While they may sound similar, they target different muscle groups and have distinct movements. The hip abduction machine focuses on strengthening the abductor muscles, which are located on the outer side of your hips. These muscles help.

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Hip abduction is the anatomical term used to describe lifting a limb out from the midline of your body. Abduction means to remove or take away, as in "alien abduction." The muscles responsible for hip abduction are collectively known as the hip abductors. The muscles that make up the hip abductors include: Gluteus maximus

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Takeaway Hip abduction exercises may help you get a tight and toned backside while helping to prevent and treat pain in the hips and knees. They can benefit people of all ages, especially.

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There are a number of ways you can perform hip abductions: Seated with a band or machine, standing with a cable, side-lying, and walking variations with bands. From a physique-building standpoint these form part of a well-rounded plan to build your glutes, and emphasize more the "upper" glutes by targeting the gluteus medius.

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The Lever Seated Hip Abduction (Machine) exercise is an excellent way to target the Gluteus Medius muscle, which is responsible for hip abduction and outward rotation. This exercise helps to strengthen the glutes, improve posture and stability, and protect the lower back from injury. It also helps to increase mobility in the hip joint, as well.