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The Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa draws pilgrims from near and far to honor the Virgin Mary. (photo: Courtesy of the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon and Doreen Abi Raad) Doreen Abi.

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Harissa, Lady of Lebanon. Information about the church and the Village Harissa. fotos, Ecards and Information about the maronite in Lebanon. Harissa.info . On the heights (more than 600 m) an immense immaculate statue overlooks the bay of Jounieh. Erected at the end of the 19th Century, the statue of the Virgin dominates a sanctuary (a chapel.

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Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary belongs to the Maronite Patriarchate and the Holy See represented by the Apostolic Nunciature in Lebanon who entrusted its admi.

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Traveling to Harissa: Beruit has a major international airport served by many airlines. The political situation may be influenced by the civil war in neighboring Syria, but appears stable at this time. Address: Keserwan, Lebanon. GPS coordinates: 33° 58′ 53.8248" N, 35° 39′ 5.2560" E. Click here for the official website of Harissa.

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Reconciles Christianity with modern science. Accepts the Big Bang and biological evolution. Argues for a divine Jesus of history and a valuable, yet non-perfect Bible. Theology.

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Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa is an important shrine and pilgrimage site honoring the Virgin Mary. " Brilliant " Sep 2022 Best view ever. Suggest edits to improve what we show. Improve this listing Tours & experiences Explore different ways to experience this place. See options All photos (882)

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Inside the basilica, Harissa's shrine is framed within the church's massive window (137.8 feet tall). It seems a reminder that Our Mother is always with us. The basilica seats 3,500.

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Therefore, some historians believe that the old Semitic word harissa means roueiss in Arabic, a steep-sided high hill. Overlooking the bay of Jounieh, the Sanctuary is built on a 350 hectares piece of land, 650m high from sea level, and 26kms to the north of Beirut, in the Mohafazat of Mount Lebanon.


July 15, 2019 Where We're Working: Missionary Society of Saint Paul, Harissa, Lebanon Lebanon is one of the most religiously variegated countries in the Middle East. Among the numerous Christian churches is a strong community of Melkite Greek-Catholics.


Baptisms. We at Our Lady of Lebanon - Harissa, offer baptism services. Parents or guardians seeking a child's baptism are invited to take part in information and preparation meetings.

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From its location in Daroun-Harissa, Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary also aims at insuring the social development of surrounding communities and villages. A Holy Place Honoring the Virgin Mary is a major element of the spiritual life of the vast majority of believers, regardless of the religious community they would belong to.

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Harissa, Lebanon. In a region completed dominated by non-Christians, the Statue and Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon stand as a defiant reminder of Lebanon's Catholic history.. The statue, as well as the first church, were completed and dedicated in 1908, more than two decades prior to the completion of its more famous counterpart in Rio De.

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Therefore the founder chose Harissa, near Our Lady of Lebanon, as a place with an atmosphere favouring study and prayer for unity supported by interior union with God. It only remained to erect a sanctuary whose authentic style and artistic perfection would create a fraternal climate of prayer.

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Harissa Park. In 1908, the dream of Patriarch Elias Howayek saw the light; a Sanctuary on the name of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lebanon, was launched on one of the most beautiful hills of our homeland to embrace her children of all sects and creeds. Families, where they find a familial restaurant with a wide outdoor playground for their kids.

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The Shrine for Our Lady of Lebanon - Harissa 1) The Site's Location: At a distance of 26 kilometres from the capital, Beirut, Mount Harissa overlooks the Bay of Jounieh, where a small church was built. Above the church a statue of the Virgin Mary was placed.