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Euphorbia seguieriana subsp.niciciana Euphorbe de Sibérie vivace

The leaves of deciduous Euphorbia species such as the steppe spurge (Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. niciciana) should remain over the winter as it is an additional winter protection for the plant. Winter and evergreen species do not need pruning and towards the end of winter you can share the species of spurge. This is sometimes quite difficult.


Rating Content; Neutral: On Mar 31, 2009, LDEV4 from Milford, PA wrote: Is very invasive in moist areas of my property and easier to control in dry areas. Positive: On Aug 28, 2003, Happenstance from Northern California, CA wrote: Like all Euphorbia HANDLE WITH CARE, the latex/sap is dangerous and can cause skin rash, itching and general discomfort.

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Uploaded by HollyAnnS Plant database entry for Euphorbia (Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana) with 3 images and 6 data details.

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Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana - Wolfsmelk. 7 - 9 stuks/m². uitstekend (-34 tot -29°C), USDA zone 4. het jonge blad/loof licht gevoelig. 40 - 40 cm. Tuininspiratie en buitenbeleving voor iedereen!

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Time to ultimate height 2-5 years Ultimate spread 0.1-0.5 metres Growing conditions Loam Sand Clay Moisture Well-drained pH Acid, Alkaline, Neutral Colour & scent Position Full sun Aspect South-facing or East-facing or West-facing Exposure

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Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana Plant - HPS Number P12358 Euphorbiaceae / Euphorbia / Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana Back Shortcuts Plant Information about each plant or seed is shown on this page. Plants in the same Genus or Family are also shown below, enabling you to explore similar plants. Notes: Date donated: 29th Mar 2022

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The semi-evergreen foliage of narrow, blue-green leaves radiates from exquisitely branched mahogany-red stems and combines attractively with ornamental grasses, Alliums, or Lavenders. Typically grows up to 12-18 in. tall and wide (30-45 cm)

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Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. niciciana Habit Clump forming, numerous shoots Size 60 cm height Leaves Delicate blue-green foliage Flowers Yellow-green flowers Flowering time VII-X Density 4-6 plants/m² Site Sun-lightshade Soil Normally-cultivated soils. Habitats WaE1-2/OW1-2/SS1-2 Characteristics Highly poisonous Price group 7 Utilisations

Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana Wolfsmelk Appeltern Adventure Gardens

Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana (Siberian spurge) A bushy plant with narrow, greyish green leaves on slender stems that end in long-lasting clusters of sulphur-yellow flowers. Very nice for the edge of a border. £7.50 Quantity discount £21.60 for three Pot Size: 9cm Add to basket Availability: In stock Add to wishlist

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Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana: A broadleaf semi-evergreen or deciduous perennial with chartreuse flowers in spring. To grow well, it prefers sun and occasional - low water. Drought tolerant once established. Prefers to be dry in summer. Grows best in well-drained soil. CHARACTERISTICS Plant type: perennial Plant family: #Euphorbiaceae

Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. niciciana von Bruns Pflanzen

Euphorbia 'Blue Haze' (P-1235) Each 11.00. This choice Euphorbia hybrid between nicaeensis and seguieriana ssp. niciciana should make its way into more gardens. Crowned by yellow-green flower heads, attractive, blue-gray linear foliage is densely arranged, forming a compact and bushy evergreen mound. Cistus 'Grayswood Pink' and Thymus.

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Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. niciciana

This choice Euphorbia hybrid between nicaeensis and seguieriana ssp. niciciana should make its way into more gardens. Crowned by yellow-green flower heads, attractive, blue-gray linear foliage is densely arranged, forming a compact and bushy evergreen mound.

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Siberian spurge, Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. niciciana, is a particularly handsome spurge, with an upright, bushy habit. Its delicate, blue-green leaves grow on reddish stems, and its contrasting lime-green flowers appear from late spring until the first frosts.

Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. niciciana

Details FAQ Questions True form. This superb plant dominates the scene for months from early summer. Many polished mahogany-red stems carry heads of tiny lime-green flowers, still attractive in low autumn sunlight. Harmful if eaten. Skin and eye irritant. Hylotelephium 'Carl' £7.50 Cynara cardunculus £12.50 Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Eldorado'

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Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. niciciana Zurück zur Übersicht Euphorbia seguieriana ssp. niciciana - Steppen-Wolfsmilch bestellbar, Lieferung im Frühjahr 2024 Preis: 5,70 € ab 5 Stück 5,50 € ab 10 Stück 5,30 € inkl. MwSt. 7,00 % zzgl. Versandkosten Produktinformationen Artikel-Nr.: 50640 Bio - Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-006 9 cm Topf (0.5 l) Stück